Alfonso Miranda

We all come to fulfill a mission to the world. When you have an ecological conscience, everything we do, build or intervene, must have a rational use so that the impact you generate is the one that hurts the least because nature is very fragile and is also the mother of all the arts; we have to protect it from all our acts. It is part of all of us in all its manifestations. The shapes and the design are what one wants to do in their own way. When you have an ecological conscience, focus your work so that the project is consistent with this. All materials, where possible, should be recovered from other buildings that were demolished. That is why for several years I have been recovering (doors, woods, irons, floors, stones, ceramics) to restore them and use them in new projects. This is how they are preserved as a testimony of an architectural legacy of our past. Iron, a natural element, is as hard as malleable. In junkyards many pieces are going to stop which have shapes and were part of some object or industry. I find as an artist, forms and figures that I assemble and create an object that is a new work of art.

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Caballo de Troya 

Alfonso Miranda

220 x 70 x 230 cm 

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