Christian Schrader

Christian Schrader, born in Barranquilla, Colombia, studied Graphic Design at the Royal College of Arts in London in the seventies. In the professional field, Schrader was the Creative Director of Leo Burnett Novas in Colombia during six years. In the professional field, he served as Creative Director at Leo Burnett Novas Colombia for six years, was presidential adviser in the government of Dr. Belisario Betancurt for the design of distance education programs, was delegated by Colombia at the 36th World Congress of Advertising carried out by the IAA in Cairo, Egypt and Consultant of the United Nations organization for programs to publicize the image of Colombia abroad. Currently, he is the Dean of Advertising Faculty at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. 

Today, he uses neon and argon to create sculptures which deal with an array of different subjects from consumerism, to art history to environmental awareness. 


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Christian Schrader

Assembled glass with neon and argon gases, over wood. 



A gota

Christian Schrader

Assembled glass with neon and argon assembled over an original hydrant. 

140 cm x 160 cm x 30 cm


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