About Us

With over twelve years of experience in the commercialization of art and with his experience as Director of Casa Museo Negret for two years, Maestro Alex Sastoque founded the Sastoque Gallery, with the mission to make known the modern and contemporary art of Latin America.

The gallery exhibits works of art by consecrated Colombian fine artists such as Omar Rayo and Edgar Negret. The gallery also seeks to support emerging artists, opening the way for them in the field of the art market. The gallery has the main objective of preserving the legacy of the great Maestros and contributing to the Colombian people by offering them the opportunity to know and appreciate their artistic heritage.


Alex Sastoque, founder of Sastoque Gallery and Maestro of Visual Arts and Visual Arts from Colombia, had the vision of creating a space in Bogotá where artists with different backgrounds could converge and create a visual and conceptual dialogue through different media such as sculpture, painting, photography and installation.

The Gallery