Jaime Ojeda 

Jaime Andrés Ojeda is a Colombian plastic and visual fine artist. Having graduated from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá, he is a professional with emphasis on sculpture, painting, audiovisual art and installation and intervention of spaces and objects.

Pluritécnico Multicultural consists of an effort to demonstrate that all
individuals are viewed from a different perspective in all the contexts that we can permeate with our presence. This is how races, ethnic groups, socio-economic positions, cultures, religions, customs, place of origin and even the physical aspect are not seen from the same perspective in a point X and a point Y, this varies according to the context. In this way the work seeks to reflect the individual from another character who perceives it and in turn reflects it in thousands of apparently identical possibilities but in reality they are all reflections with variations, which results in an analogy to the behavior of the perception of our presence in different spaces

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Pluriétnico Multicultural 

Jaime Ojeda 

Assembled acrylic spheres

187 x 67 x 36 cm


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