Manuela Echeverri  

Manuela Echeverri, fashion designer and pop artist, born in Pereira, has managed to enter intimate spaces of the houses of some famous Colombians.

Although she was born in Pereira, she decided how many to migrate to cold lands and start her fashion design career at the design school "Lasalle College" in Bogotá. Without even receiving her degree from the university, she became at 20 years old as a businesswoman in the fashion world, creating her own line of hand accessories for women "Tissue".

However, Echeverri has another passion and it is art; "Since I was a child I was involved in art thanks to my mother, who empirically gave me the freedom to explore my feelings through art on canvases and walls. The art is not in learning a technique and continuing with it, but in that emotions give us the freedom to invent something different - so the results should always be unique"

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Golden Dog ​

Manuela Echeverri

Mixed Media
60 x 90 x 70 cm 

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