Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage is at the forefront of a new generation of visionary / interdimensional artists who use art as a tool for personal, spiritual and planetary growth and transformation. Amanda was born on April 19, 1978 in Denver, Colorado. Her trips and projects took her to Bali, Indonesia and Vienna, Austria.



Sage is currently represented in several galleries and online collectives such as Tribe 13, which has taken visionary art to festivals and meetings around the world for more than 10 years. Her work was presented at the Scope Art Show at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2013 through Tribe 13. The Temple of Visions, a gallery and sacred space in downtown Los Angeles from 2010-12, was a powerful center that she helped to start. Galerie 10, a gallery devoted to Fantastic Realism in Vienna since 1964, has carried out its work since 2002.


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Galactic Ambassador

Óleo sobre lienzo

90 x 120 cm


Holy Matter

Óleo sobre lienzo

161 x 122 cm


Vitruvian Human

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